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Hello! Thank you for visiting my design portfolio. I am thrilled to share some of my graphic design, illustration, photography, and product packaging with you. If you would like to discuss any projects I have done in more detail, or would like to have a closer look into more of my work, please contact me. 

Graphic Design  Illustration 
Art Department Management 

 Branding   Social Media Content Creation

Video Production    Marketing 

Creative Leadership


My goal is to be an invaluable asset to a mission-driven organization in Austin.

I am Valerie Aiello, and my professional "why" is to always be an invaluable team member for the creative process of developing and communicating exceptional presentations and customer experiences with high-quality media tools and techniques. My expertise in brand communication ensures that I can consistently deliver multiple design, marketing, and digital media solutions to a project's magnetism.  I revel in researching aesthetics and culture to capture customer retention, attention, and brand loyalty with the most authentic elements while uniquely executing the latest trends.


I proactively contribute to all stages of the creative process from innovation, to development, to actualization with a constant flow of ideas on a daily basis while meeting all deadlines. I am self-motivated, dependable, and one of my superpowers is having a thoughtful calm demeanor in highly productive environments. I always strive to motivate new ideas with a can-do attitude, and inspire to build up all colleagues' strengths by politely giving and taking constructive ideas.


Currently, I am anticipating a new exhilarating on-site office experience, and a new chapter to an amazing career. I would be so happy to contribute all of my professional skills to grow and pitch in when needed on a range of successful projects in a creative environment in Austin, Texas.

Clients &


I have had to pleasure to work with many great companies, bands, and clients. 


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